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Warning Signs: Trailer

Lincoln’s Response to Rising Tensions in the 1850s is a new film series focused on stories of political polarization and violence in the decade preceding secession.

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Lincoln looks off into the distance standing in front of Lincoln's home in Springfield, Illinois.

Broken Compromise

 As the nation emerges from the Mexican-American War, questions about slavery in the newly acquired territories reignites debates about freedom, justice, and democracy. Learn more about the Compromise of 1850 and its controversial Fugitive Slave Act provision.

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Lincoln drinks a from a cup while sitting by a window with green curtians.

Deepening Divides

Factions promote opposing interpretations of the Founders’ intent and fate of slavery. Lincoln challenges rival Stephen Douglas on his proposed Kansas-Nebraska Act and ideas about Popular Sovereignty. This film touches on Bleeding Kansas, the Dred Scott decision, Lincoln’s Peoria Speech and more.

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Lincoln, dressed in his night clothes, has his hand over mouth and looks concerned.

Taking a Stand

Lincoln challenges Stephen Douglas for the Senate, making a name for himself nationally. The Lincoln-Douglas debates, Freeport doctrine, Popular Sovereignty, and the House Divided speech are referenced in this film.

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Lincoln, with his glasses at the tip of his nose, looks off into the light.

Perpetual Struggle

Even after the tumultuous 1850s and states seceding in the wake of Lincoln being elected president, his First Inaugural Address strikes a hopeful, compromising tone. Learn how Lincoln grappled with the unprecedented crisis facing the republic, his views on self-government, and how he saw progress inspired by the Declaration of Independence but bound by the Constitution.

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